Our Ministry

We begin the process through initial proclamation, whereby the team carry out various activities such as school missions, outreaches, and monthly events. It is in these activities that we present the Gospel in an interesting and radical way, through drama, dance, music, and multimedia – a language that is most effective and appealing in today’s youth culture.

Initial Proclamation


    Each mission reflects upon the basic gospel message, presenting in a lively, modern and interesting way the God of Love whose desire is that all of us reach our full potential. We proclaim and announce God who accepts us where we are and loves us so much that he challenges us to grow and experience the fullness of life (Jn 10:10).

Retreats and Follow-up


    Recognising evangelisation as a process, we enable young people to experience a retreat and to grow in their faith in an environment where they will feel comfortable and relaxed. YMT strongly believes that retreats are a very important part of the faith journey of our young people and is essential to our work in evangelisation.

Area Development


    We hope that, through the support of parish or deanery area groups, young people can experience a sense of belonging and be enabled to grow as members of the Church community in faith and service. The training and support of adults is an important part of this process.

Number of young people we have encountered,

so far, from September 2018


Young People

Youth Service of the RC Diocese of

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